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Sax Torrent

View Full Version: They include of some of the best songs written by famous artists. If your looking for some great sheet music, i highly reccomend these. It is written for piano so the transcription process will no take long.
sax torrent

Sax Torrent


View Full Version: They include of some of the best songs written by famous artists. If your looking for some great sheet music, i highly reccomend these. It is written for piano so the transcription process will no take long. If i have enough time ill transcribe Caravan and post it on here. Are you telling us that Real Books are good to have, or that one can download them from the link you gave. And if the latter, how does one download from that? SactoPete , It uses a client.

There’s a lot of illegal material out there from this kind of stuff to music, movies, software. It’s the primary piracy channel these days. I’m sure the original poster meant well, but I’d steer clear. Peter CooolJazzz , That link is for a “torrent” download.

It’s a form of peer-to-peer file sharing, and definitely illegal. It requires special software to enable the download.

Even if you don’t have anything against illegal downloads, torrents can be a dangerous way to go. Torrent downloads are easy to locate, which makes it easy for copyright owners to find out when and where their material is being shared. The nature of the software used also makes it easy to identify exactly who is uploading and downloading. When I had an adolescent son at home I was current on this stuff.

Not any more. CooolJazz, thanks for the clear warning. Agent27 Well, all but the most recent real books were illegal anyway copyright infringement.

So can you get in twice the trouble by illegally downloading and an illegal book? Anyway, there’s an easier way. Go search David Valdez’s blog http: Look under archives in the left hand column. SuperAction80 , Wow, I did not know that. That kinda sucks since I’ve recommended the book numerous times.

A buddy of mine went through copywrite BS with a song he wrote in the 60’s. Out of respect, I stopped downloading free music when I met him. These days I only download live bootlegs that bands encourage to pass around.

CooolJazzz , When I went to Berklee in the early 80’s , the Real Book was required material. They laughed at me, and then told me of a few places where I could find one. They were street corners. Not businesses, but the street corners themselves. Sure enough I went to the first street corner mentioned, and there was a guy wearing a trench coat standing next to a cardboard box full of Real Books.

I went to my next ensemble class all proud of myself with my new Real Book I thought the they were kidding, but the instructor told me in no uncertain terms not to show up without the ‘C’ Real Book. But yeah It was kind of funny how Berklee taught so many classes about copyright law, but still made the Real Book a requirement.

There is nothing illegal about bit torrent file sharing in and of itself. It was a legitimate means of sharing software in the open-source universe WAY before people began using it as a vehicle for copyright infringement.

That being said, I would echo the cautionary statements when it comes to sharing music, movies, and other pirated material. Besides being illegal and taking money away from artists just like us , pirated files and the torrents people make from them are popular ways to spread malware. That’s very true.

Very few people use torrents to share files legally any more because there are so many easier ways to do it now. To make the situation more ironic, I wonder how many of the musicians cheated by the Real Book were Berklee students.:? Ugh, that’s rough that they wanted you to buy a C real book.

I’ve had to site transpose out of a C Real Book a couple times. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of it. Not that it doesn’t make for excellent practice, it’s just that it makes my head hurt. True dat. I have to confess I haven’t kept up with the state of open-source in a while–has all the legal stuff just moved to http or what? I’m almost afraid to research it, as I’ve got a Linux machine sitting under my desk that easily could become yet another irresistible distraction Actually, being forced to use the C book and thereby learning to transpose was one of the best things that I took away from Berklee.

It was rough at first because they don’t slow down just because you’re learning to transpose. If you can’t keep up, they leave you behind. Learning to transpose on sight and actually being able to keep up while doing it helped my playing far more than I would have ever imagined though. I really can’t stress enough how much you can gain from it.

If any of you out there are still using Eb or Bb lead sheets or fake books It really doesn’t take that long to bring yourself up to speed, and before you know it, you won’t even be thinking about it.

If you’re beyond high school you shouldn’t be using them. I can’t argue with your logic there. It’s kinda like long tones though. You know you should do it, but in the back of your mind you are saying, “Do I have to”. Fortunatly, from working with guitarists all the time, I was actually holding my own, site transposing, better than I thought I would. Still though, I have a ways to go.

Just for fun, he decided to play “Freedom Jazz Dance” in every key except Bb. It was kinda funny watching the bassist and keyboardist sweat it out as he was calling out random keys. The trumpet player was in fact a Berklee graduate, so I guess their transposing lessons really do help. I think it has more to do with the greater availability of high speed connections and the availability of very cheap and very fast server space that any of us can afford now.

I have my own website on an extremely fast server with unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity. I can upload and download as much as I like to my site without any limitations. Visitors can download as much as they like all day long As long as we’re talking “legal” sharing I like having it too much to risk losing it by flagrantly filling it with a bunch of illegal stuff though I was actually holding my own, site transposing, better than I thought I would. That’s the whole thing.

It’s much easier to learn than most people realize. I’m not sure how to explain my thinking on this But if you are transposing by sight What I mean is That might sound like it would make transposing even more difficult, but it doesn’t really.

Your thought processes do have to be a little more complex I’m starting to babble now and it’s not coming out right I better shut up now before someone asks me to transpose what I just wrote. Yeah, it’s weird, but I actually get what you mean. When I was reading the C parts, it was as if I were hearing the parts in my head, and what I was hearing was coming out through my fingers.

OTOH, my ear is much better than my eyes, and I try to figure out parts without written music anyways. So take my statements as you will. Can you transpose this to C minor?: Agent27 , Changing the notes are easy, changing the Letters isn’t. Bloo Dog , Bound in blue with a plastic comb spine.

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