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To stop the game and use them to write the following. This game is the most popular shooting first-person game and the reason is its mission. Project IGI 1 has provided 14 different missions in which you have to play according to military instructions. Each mission was designed in a unique and very difficult manner, in which you have to do this work in a different way, it is very interesting. Here I am sharing his 14 mission names with you.
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Huge turkey dinners with all the trimmings, acres of presents to unwrap, and heap upon mountainous heap of all that lovely Christmas pud. But do you know what the best part is? All those mouth-watering games that have been in development since what seems like the dawn of time are finally put on the shelves adorned by the usual lavishings of fake frost and tinsel.

Now this is going to be one hell of a Christmas Project IGI, like all the others listed above, has something of an identity crisis. Tactics are important, but you’ve also got to be quick on the draw. The storyline is reasonably well written but largely irrelevant. You play David Jones, a British freelance secret agent who has been contracted by the American Secret Services to recover Josef Priboi, who has information about a stolen nuclear weapon. The plot doesn’t progress much through the game because it takes a good while before you actually capture him, and even once he’s been captured, you lose him and have to go after him again.

Basically the game consists of sneaking into Eastern European military camps and completing your objective, but it turns out to be just a little more complicated than that. You have a knife you can use for silent takedowns, but the only time you’ll use it is when you’re desperately low on ammo.

More often than not, you start a good way outside the base, so you sneak up, crack open the binoc’s and have a good nosey at what’s going on inside. At first you don’t realise what you have to do, but planning is essential for a clean, silent raid. You watch guards go on their patrol routes and decide on the best time to strike. Snipers positioned on watchtowers also cause a menace, so you have to figure out the best way to take them down. The satellite map gives you sketchy details on people inside buildings so you can plan on the best way to break in.

You can even pick out the security cameras and either avoid them or take them out so you don’t raise the alarm and have half the base homing in on your position. If your plan goes wrong, you know exactly why and get to try again, this time taking into account the problem and working around it. Eye Candy What isn’t so good, especially for those with a lust for eye-candy, is that the graphics are disappointingly spartan. Although the textures are excellent, the smoke effects look primitive and the trees look decidedly 2D, but for some reason it’s very processor intensive.

As a contrast, the animation is utterly superb. It’s not just the usual running about that’s done well, but mostly when people get shot. Hit someone in the leg and it suddenly goes limp, the victim grabbing hold of the wound. Shoot someone enough times in the torso and they’ll kneel down, putting their hands over their stomachs before dying. You can even graze someone’s hand and they’ll shake it about in pain.

Headshots are lethal, as to be expected, but some enemies have different levels of armour over their chest, so take more shots to put down. It’s all absolutely brilliant. What helps to make up for the graphics if the animation hasn’t already are the huge playing areas and accurately modeled ballistics. The landscapes you get to wander about in are absolutely enormous; if you want to, you can wander literally miles upon miles away from the base. There’d be nothing to see and no reason to go there but it just shows the sheer scope of the thing.

What’s more relevant, however, is the ballistics – put simply, there are some substances bullets will pass through and some substances they won’t. At first it isn’t clear what this means, but the more you play, the more you can see it adds a whole new dimension to gameplay. For a start you think about your cover a lot more. Watch towers are made largely from wood, and while this means it’s easy to dispatch snipers you can just shoot through the wood and if the shot’s on target it’ll hit the guard it’s also easy for other bad guys to hit you.

If you open a door and someone opens fire on you then ducking back behind a thin plaster wall won’t help as millions of little shotguns pellets rip through your supposed cover and into you. It’s not just structures either, bullets can just as easily rip through people and if you’re lucky you can take two people down with one shot.

Every weapon has a specific role, but in many games this is more in theory than practise. Shotguns are supposed to be good for clearing the indoors but in most cases, it would be only marginally better than some grenade launcher for example. Sniper rifles are perfected tailored to long ranges, but if you want to use them at close range you have to be very accurate.

Uzi’s are good for light powered, short range work but can’t cope with the outside because both it’s power and accuracy drops off with distance so you need a good machine gun such as the AK They even have different penetration values on armour; high-powered machine gun rounds will have good penetration whereas handguns need emptying to achieve the same result.

It all makes you think what you need to do and how to do it, you don’t have to plan for hours but you can’t go barging into rooms either. Saving Grace What may jar with some people is the fact that there’s no in-mission save. You can, in theory, get all the way to the end, be dragging yourself along on a minuscule amount of health and then be killed by some unseen sniper metres away. Now this is down to personal taste, but I never found the lack of an in game save to be a problem.

In fact, it helped the gameplay immensely. For a start, the game is very clean. There’s only the odd graphical error or missing building information on the map so you’re unlikely to have your all your hard work undone by a crash.

Nor are the missions overtly long. Once you’ve figured out what to do, you can easily complete them in around minutes apiece. What’s more, if you do have to start again, you know exactly what’s gone wrong and there aren’t any ridiculous mistakes in the game design so you never die through a game fault, only your own.

The lack of an in game save also makes for unparalleled tension. Every time your health drops, you feel a little more pressure on your shoulders which gets heavier and heavier until your palms are literally sweating and you breathe a huge sigh of relief when the mission is finally accomplished. Such tension and indeed such atmosphere would have been impossible to accomplish even with a limited in game save system. But what is a let down, and surprisingly so for a game of this calibre, is the occasionally awful AI.

On more than one occasion in the earlier levels, guards sauntered straight past on their patrol routes. As long as I wasn’t firing a gun, they couldn’t care what I was doing. They also make no use of cover whatsoever. They could be right next to a concrete wall but they’d rather run out into the open to attack. The problem doesn’t get any better inside buildings, either. Open fire on a guard and they’ll stay glued to the same spot, only opening fire when you poke your head through.

Either that or they run straight past you then turn around and open fire, if you haven’t blown them to pieces by then, of course. The problems would be bad enough in any game but when in a game of this quality, they stand out like a sore thumb at first, although you do eventually get used to it and by the end you won’t be questioning what they’re doing, though it doesn’t make it any more logical.

The wonderfully modeled ballistics, exquisite animation, finely balanced weaponry and pure immersion in the game are simply fantastic. Just can’t wait for the expansion pack. Review By GamesDomain.

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I’ve only played the 2nd one and it was the reason I added it to the network. Was wondering if it would be worth it to get the first one. How comparable is it to IGI. I download and installed ‘Project IGI 1’ and attempted to run on my pc,but everytime i open it,error message appeared repeatedly. When you mean “no graphics card” I assume you mean you have an internal Intel 3xxx or 4xxx GPU, my take is that would suffice to play the.

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Huge turkey dinners with all the trimmings, acres of presents to unwrap, and heap upon mountainous heap of all that lovely Christmas pud. But do you know what the best part is? All those mouth-watering games that have been in development since what seems like the dawn of time are finally put on the shelves adorned by the usual lavishings of fake frost and tinsel.

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Move forward. Use stairs and go up. First kill sniper located at tower. Go down to in house. Kill both enemy. Use computers to turnoff security camera. Go up to. [v] Project I.G.I. 1, 2, 3 Portable full versions download methods, there are even dedicated servers built by fan players for online play. i m playing “igi-1” nd “igi-2” for 5 years. bcs still now igi is best in: ay 2. music 3. story and i think still now not a game i ever played.

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