How To Update Onenote 2016

How To Update Onenote 2016

OneNote OneNote More Less Important: If you want to take advantage of the latest that OneNote has to offer, consider switching to OneNote for Windows
how to update onenote 2016

How To Update Onenote 2016

Upgrade to OneNote for Windows

Gaurav Bidasaria 28 Aug Microsoft has created a mess with multiple Office products that mostly perform the same thing, but have different names. Case in point is OneNote. Which one should they use? While OneNote is not going away for sure, it points to the fact that Microsoft is making a lot of changes. Microsoft designed the Office for desktop. Meanwhile, Office is a cloud version that works online. Microsoft wants to phase out OneNote eventually, and port most its features to the newer universal version.

To give users some time to make up their minds and make the shift, Microsoft will continue to fix bugs and provide security patches for OneNote until October All new features are now added into the new OneNote. It will be the default app for both Office and Office That relieves Microsoft from working on two separate products. Dark Mode OneNote supports the dark mode, which means less strain on the eyes and improved battery life. If you are using dark mode on Windows 10, OneNote will automatically suggest you use it the first time you open it.

Open Settings and click on Options. You can choose the Dark option here. Also on Guiding Tech Read More 2. Layout OneNote has sections on the top whereas OneNote shows them in the sidebar below the drop-down notebooks option.

You can close this sidebar while working allowing you to focus on the note in question. OneNote also displays pages on the right. The sidebar move is a welcome change because now notebooks, sections, and pages are all in the same area instead of being fragmented all over the UI. OneNote has a Recent Notes tab in the sidebar where you can quickly access recently edited notes that are arranged date-wise.

A real time saver. OneNote never had it. Templates OneNote came with pretty cool templates. You could use pre-defined layouts for taking different kinds of notes. Sadly, OneNote lacks this feature. Hopefully, they will port it before the OneNote is discontinued. Page Color OneNote allowed users to use colors in sections and notebooks to easily identify them. That would change the header and sidebar color but not page color.

OneNote will also allow you to change page color giving more control over how it looks. Hmm, the font color also needs to be changed. Sticky Notes They are a real timesaver. Anything you copy there will instantly sync to your OneNote for Windows 10 app. Also on Guiding Tech Read More 7. OneNote takes things to the next level with Ink Math Assistant. It will not only solve the problem and provide an answer, but also show step by step calculation to help you understand how the answer was derived.

Brilliant for math students. Oh, it also supports handwriting. On the flip side, OneNote had a database of math equations that you could add from the menu with the click of a button. Handy when you need to refresh your memory. That option never made it to OneNote. Again, OneNote comes with an Immersive Reader option which removes all distractions and opens the page in full screen mode.

In there, you can click the audio button to read the math equation and answer out loud. Record Video OneNote allowed users to record and save audio as well as video. Not only that, it would intelligently attach notes to the time they were taken during the recording.

That means you can scan your notes based on timestamp while going through the video. Makes life so much easier for those who take notes during lectures or presentations. Sadly, that feature never made it to OneNote, but I am hopeful as it supports audio recording. Print to OneNote Find something useful on the web? Maybe on an app? There is a hidden setting in Windows 10 which will take a printout and save it to a page in OneNote instead of a physical printer.

Select Add a printer or scanner. Select OneNote here. That’s useful if you are privacy-minded but dangerous should anything happen to your hard drive.

OneNote stores all data in the cloud and provides a smarter backup solution. However, I am not too confident about the privacy part.

You can continue to use OneNote , but all new features and updates will be pushed to OneNote. Not to mention bug fixes and security patches. For example, Microsoft recently added Cortana support to OneNote. You can now speak to take notes instead of typing them. Next up: Want to be even more productive on OneNote? Here are 2 cool extensions for OneNote power users. Last updated on 29 Aug, Read Next.

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This article describes update KB for Microsoft OneNote , which was released on February 7, This update has a prerequisite. If you currently use OneNote and update to Office , the update will recognize OneNote and leave it in place. You won’t see any. We recently reported that Office will not be offering a new version of OneNote , choosing instead to replace that app with OneNote for.

Microsoft OneNote vs OneNote 2016: Which OneNote Should You Use

Gaurav Bidasaria 28 Aug Microsoft has created a mess with multiple Office products that mostly perform the same thing, but have different names. Case in point is OneNote. Which one should they use?

What’s Happening

After that existing notebooks could no longer be opened. Some suspected a format compatibility problem. This is not the case.

VIDEO: Microsoft OneNote vs OneNote Which OneNote Should You Use

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So the desktop version isn’t ‘dead’ or deprecated: OneNote may be the legacy One specific Office update in September (version. A warning to all those who think that OneNote could be updated to OneNote for free without problems: There’s a big trap lurking. Indeed, Microsoft added many of the top features from OneNote to the Windows 10 version, and also kept many of the updates exclusively.

How To Update Onenote 2016

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